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Tell Nestea to stop testing on animals

Before taking your next sip of tea, check the label on the bottle because you may be drinking a cupful of cruelty to animals.Nestlé, the maker of Nestea, has tested and paid others to conduct painful and deadly tea tests on animals. The company has caused animals to suffer simply to investigate the possible health benefits linked to tea products and ingredients, even though not one of these experiments is legally required for beverage manufacturers, and regulators have stated that animal tests are not sufficient to prove a health claim about a product.

In these cruel tests, mice and rats were tormented and then killed by such means as decapitation. The following are some details of the horrors endured by the animals used in Nestea’s tea experiments:

  • Mice bred to suffer from brain dysfunction and rapid aging were fed green-tea extracts and then locked in a dark chamber, only to receive painful electric shocks to their feet; the mice were then killed.
  • Mice bred to suffer from muscle degeneration were fed green-tea extracts, after which experimenters cut open the animals’ leg muscles and then decapitated them.
  • Experimenters injected toxic chemicals into mice to destroy insulin-producing cells, causing the animals to develop diabetes. After this cruel procedure, the mice were force-fed tea extracts and then killed.
  • Rats made to suffer from high fat and cholesterol levels were forced to consume tea extracts through a tube that was forced down their throats; the rats were then killed and dissected.

Modern, cruelty-free research methods are available and are in use by other leading beverage companies around the world. We need YOU to join us in telling Nestea to ditch its cruel-tea to animals and to use non-animal methods instead.

Please take a moment to ask Nestea to stop testing on animals and join other brands—such as Lipton, Arizona, Snapple, Honest Tea, Tazo, Twinings, Stash Tea, Celestial Seasonings, Luzianne Tea, and others—that don’t experiment on animals.

Send polite comments to:

Paul Bulcke
Nestlé S.A.

Brad Alford 
Nestlé USA

Too many people assume that “animal testing” means animals undergo relatively harmless trials, using products just like humans would. For example, testing Nestea would just mean animals have to drink tea …right? 

That’s not the true story of animals testing. Stand against Nestea cruelTEA » 

Even in a seemingly harmless test, like testing Nestea’s health effects, puts animals through hell. Mice are bred to suffer brain damage and rapid aging, locked in a dark chamber and given painful electric shocks, then killed. They’re bred to suffer from muscle degeneration before their legs are cut open while they’re still alive. And those are just a few examples of the ways Nestea cruelly tests their product on animals » 

Animal have been poisoned, electrically shocked, surgically manipulated and decapitated for Nestea — but it doesn’t have to be this way. WE are the consumers and WE have the power to show Nestea what we want. There are plenty of tea alternatives, like Arizona, Lipton, Tazo and Snapple. 

Send a message that you won’t tolerate animal testing: Pledge to boycott Nestea  »

Thanks for taking action!




  • 23 February 2012
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