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its a bit lame having to write up one of these but i seriously get asked the same questions by a lot of people so its easier if you just read it here or i link you here. i guess ill start with the basics and add to it if i need to. hope this helps answer some of your questions :)

Are you straightedge, how long have you been straightedge for and why?

Yes i guess i call myself straightedge. i’ve never drunk alcohol, or smoked or done any (illegal/narcotic) drugs in my life. i just decided at a young age that i didn’t like the way it made some of my friends act and they way it can take over and ruin peoples lives. I have no problem with most people drinking or taking drugs as long as it doesn’t affect myself or my friends/family in a negative way.

Is it difficult being sxe in a band which drinks alcohol and does drugs?

No. as i mentioned before, i have no problem with it as long as it doesn’t bother me. I enjoy hanging with my friends who drink to have a good time. it can be a good laugh! theres no peer pressure and even if there was i’m not the type of person who would succumb to it.

Are you vegan, how long have you been vegan and why? 

Yep, ive been vegan since 2000 so 14 years. i became vegetarian when i was 16 because a few of my friends were and i was exposed to some of the things which occur within the meat/dairy industry and i didn’t like what i discovered. Most people have no idea that products like milk still involve genetic engineering, cruelty and death (where do you think veal meat comes from? the offspring of artificially inseminated milking cows).

If you really want to know why I (and most other people) decided to live a vegan lifestyle, this video sums it up pretty damn well

Is it difficult being vegan/on tour?

Nope, not if you’re passionate about it. the first 6 months or so of becoming vegan can be a learning experience. you have to reevaluate everything you eat and learn the things you can and cant consume or wear. after that its just a simple routine and when you discover new foods you can have its really exciting. being vegan on tour is usually easy enough. i’ve toured the world enough now that i know most places i can and cant find a good meal at and the band is usually pretty well catered for at shows.

(edit) I am hoping to launch a website soon aimed helping people convert to vegetarianism/veganism with as little hassle possible. As i have spent the past 10 years or so travelling most of the world as a vegan, i have come across many cool restaurants, vegan supermarket food types and places to get vegan products. I’m hoping to summarise all of this as well as plenty of other health and ethical information which will hopefully make the switch easier on anybody who is open to trying something new and compassionate.

check out http://www.happycow.org for a guide to vegan/veg restaurants and supermarkets by location around the world.

What guitar/amp/pedals/strings etc did/do you use with BMTH/IKTPQ live?

heres a list of mostly what i use live in BMTH (primarily) and a couple of pics (some stuff has been replaced since these pics)


- furman power conditioner

- Shure UR4D+ wireless

- Tour Supply multi selector

- Voodoo Lab GCX midi switcher

- Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb

- Maxon OD808 Overdrive

- Providence DLY-4 Chrono Delay

- Electro Harmonix Mircro Pog and Pog 2

- Voodoo Lab Pedal Power

- Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor 

- Boss DD7 Digital Delay

- Providence Stampede Overdrive

-TC electronics polytune

- Peavey 6505 amplifier

- Blackstar Artisan amplifier

- Mesa Boogie Rectifier cabinets

and some other stuff ill be messing around with during IKTPQ and BMTH writing 


-Mid fi electronics pitch pirate

-Boss NS2

-Providence stampede overdrive

-Dr scientist reverberator

-Last gasp steroid overdrive

-Electro harmonix stereo memory man delay

-Maxon od808 overdrive

-Mid fi electronics glitch computer

-Boss PH2 super phaser

-WMD Geiger counter

-TC electronics polytune

2 x Caparison Angelus TR HGS Custom + EMG 85 & SA pickups + Ernie Ball not even slinky 12 - 54 string set with a custom 70 gauge replacing the 54 string. C standard Tuning, drop A# tuning and drop G tuning.




What amps/equipment did you use to record Suicide Season/There is a hell with BMTH?

All the rhythm guitar tracks were simultaneously double tracked. We used an EVH 5150 III + cab for the main sound and slaved it through an Engle Savage + cab (using the EVH sound) for the 2nd track. We used Lee’s Orange Rockerverb 100 for all clean tones. Most of the pedals we used were the same as our live rigs (overdrive/tubescreamers etc) and from memory we also used an Electro Harmonix/Sovtek big muff on some solo parts.




When will you come to “insert my town/country”?

Most of the time i cant answer this until the shows are confirmed by our booking agent or management. sometimes we have plans to come play your country but from the time we decide to book the show, until the time when the show is confirmed and announced could be 6 - 8 months later. rest assured we’re on a mission to play as many cool places as we can, especially countries we’ve never been before. Places we’re planning on visiting within the next year or two include South America, South east Asia, South Africa, Russia, Ireland, Eastern Europe etc etc. please be patient, we’re doing our best to come play for you.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. I am 100% Australian and i relocated to Europe when i joined BMTH.

Why did you sew up your ears? how big were they?

I didnt want them to be stretched any more. i had them for 10 years and got sick of it. they were 18mm at their biggest.

What music do you listen to, who are your favourite bands?

I listen to lots of different types of music. I don’t listen to as much metal/hardcore as i did when i was younger but i still have my favourite heavy bands. I listen to a lot of Dub Step, Electro and dance, Indie, Post-rock, Ambience, Pop and 80’s pop and classic rock. here’s a handful of my absolute favourite bands. you should check them out if you have an open mind, they rule!

Immanu El

- Turboweekend

- Deez Nuts

- Soilwork

- In Flames

- Mors Principium Est

- Skrillex

- Danger

- Kvelertak

- Bon Iver

- Crystal Castles

- This Will Destroy You

- Empire Of The Sun

- Van She

- Lo Fi Fnk


- Dire Straits

- Gemini

- M83

- Black Breath

Do you make much money as a musician?

I can make pretty good money. Im by no means rich and probably don’t make much more than someone with a decent job. for the first 6 or 7 years i made no money and it was really difficult. Being a musician you have the potential to make a lot of money but it can also cost a lot of money. sometimes we get paid a lot for a gig, and others its not so much. having said that i have one of the coolest jobs in the world, so it wouldn’t matter whether i made loads or no money.

How long have you been playing guitar, how old were you when you started?

I started learning the guitar when i was 12 years old. so i’ve been playing for 16 years. i only learnt the basics for 2 years at school and pretty much the rest is self taught or learnt from playing with friends. i took lessons for about 5 months in Adelaide back in 2006 but then i began to tour too often to continue with the lessons.

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